My Mission

To inspire as many people as possible to reap the life changing benefits of physical exercise and to prove that there is no limit to what YOU can achieve, both mentally and physically.

Why Not YOU ? 

Carl Pointer Training A Client

How Can I Help you?

I’m a fully qualified Lvl 3 Personal Trainer, Lvl 2 Nordic Performance Skiing Coach & Biathlon Instructor.
I have 8yrs of transferable military experience which has taught me to be disciplined, professional, hard working and strong – both mentally and physically.

Within my military career I’ve done everything from jumping out of perfectly working airplanes, fast-roping out of helicopters, fire rescue, getting my paratrooper wings, representing the Royal Air Force and coaching the hardest cardio sport known to man

– Biathlon & Cross Country Skiing. If you’ve never seen it before, have a look at this!..( It gives me shivers every time! )

I’m a great believer in only asking people to do what I can do myself. 

My Running Times:
5k PB: 17:30
10k PB: 38:02
Half Marathon: 1:15:05
Marathon: 3:09:24



Inspiring People To Unlock Their True Potential.


Anything Is Possible, So Aim High And Achieve.


Challenging The Way We Look At Things.


Being Honest And Strong Even When No-one Is Watching.